Psychic Temple

Jill Taylor is a Powerful God Gifted Psychic, Life Coach & Love Specialist.

She has 18 years experience as a licensed psychic professional.

Certified & Awarded by Psychic awareness academy.

Jill Taylor is proud to say she has been voted California's Top Psychic. and #1 Psychic In Los Angeles!

Whether you are looking for insight from Jill's astounding accurate psychic readings, Or needing severe relationship assistants

Jill is here for you. Jill has been blessed from God with this powerful gift to help guide,teach & advise people with there everyday confusions to helping there biggest problems.

Jill Taylor can help you gain higher knowledge, self control, feel uplifted & obtain peace of mind with one full life reading.

Jill Taylor is also available for private parties & social gatherings.

Call in advanced to schedule her psychic services to your next event.

Are You Looking For Answers Concerning :

Love, Relationships, Marriage, Family, Friends, Business, Career, Investments & Health.

A Full Life Reading Will Tell You All You Need To Know.

Psychic Readings & Spiritual Services From Psychic Temple Are Also Available Over The Phone

Call : 310-652-5100


Jill Taylor has amazing psychic ability's to look into your future before it happens.

Jill will give you whole truth, exactly how she see's it & will not tell you what she thinks you "want to hear"

Whether it's delightful or difficult information to take in, your going to receive the truth.

She is very caring & dedicated to all clients and will not judge you or your decisions.

Jill will do her best to make you feel comfortable & at ease.

Many clients have claimed when they walk into Psychic Temple they feel "peaceful & relaxed"

Have you ever wondered what your partner is REALLY thinking/feeling for you?

Jill Taylor's powerful relationship reading goes into extreme detail.
And will tell you EXACTLY what's on your partners mind & in their heart.

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Jill's Psychic Services

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